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Aura Sprays 

Dreamtime Moonlight Energy Aura Sprays

Dreamtime Energy Aura sprays use the wonderful energy contained within the artwork of 'A Brush with Dreamtime' Psychic & Spiritual Art by Patrick Gamble. This is combined with Hydrosols for a very delicate natural fragrance and an Alcohol/Water solution.

The spray is great for spraying around your room and around your Aura. It acts like an energy lifter & cleanser and brings the energy of whichever spray you're using right into your environment

Choose a spray instinctively, by being drawn to the picture, name or energy you feel. Or you can match one to the way you are feeling at the time. Remember that if you need an Essence then there is a good chance the rest of the household does too!

How do the Aura sprays work?

There has been a lot of research done in recent years on vibrational energy.

Scientists are now confirming that our cells, molecular structures & atoms are made up of vibrating energy and that each part vibrates at a different rate, so does every flower, plant, colour etc. Therefore by using the sprays our bodies and minds are reminded of the "correct" frequency, "healthy" vibrational patterns are reintroduced and our bodies are reminded of their natural abilities to re balance and self cleanse.

When to use Aura Sprays

Adults - sprays are useful when you find yourself stuck in a pattern of thinking or behaviour that you don't like. For example, when you often find yourself getting angry, fearful or stressed, an spray can help you centre yourself and move on.

Parents often find essences very useful when there is some change or crisis in the household eg. separation, divorce, bereavement, starting school or change of school, moving house or new baby etc. - See kids & essences below.

How to use the Aura Sprays

The spray is great for spraying around your room. It acts like an energy lifter and brings the energy of whichever spray you're using right into your environment

Choose a quiet time to sit and choose an essence instinctively, by being drawn to the picture, name or energy you feel. Or you can match one to the way you are feeling at the time. Remember that if you need an Essence then there is a good chance the rest of the household does too!

How long to use them for.

Use the spray until the energy around yourself & your environment shifts or changes, you will usually begin to feel calmer. You might feel tired and sleep a bit more than usual. You might find situations become clearer, and discover what is really bothering you. All these responses are signs that your energetic body is coming back into balance and a healing response is taking place. At this time look once again at what is going on too see if you need to change the spray you are using or stop them completely.

Can You use more than one Spray at a time?

It depends on what’s going on. If you are going through a particularly hard time, it may be necessary to use a few sprays at the same time to help you stay balanced.

Do sprays cause side effects?

Our Sprays contain the energy of 'A brush with Dreamtime Artwork', Natural Hydrosol, Water & Vodka as a preservative. The Sprays are energy based and therefore unlikely to cause side effects, however energy level & mood changes are not unusual as your body begins to adjust and release blocked emotions.

Aura Sprays & Children

Aura Sprays are excellent for the needs of the New Children. This is the generation of Indigo & Crystal children who often have a very difficult time integrating with others, both at home and in school. Many of these new children have very strong energy and definite views about life which can be challenging both for the children and for their care givers. Often feelings like no one is listening or understands where they are coming from. Its hard for us as adults to really get down to their level, give them our undivided attention & communicate in a way they can understand, which in turn leads to the children's behaviour becoming more extreme to try and get their point across. Listening to your child is key to growing together harmoniously as a family. If you are having a stressful time at home a combination of good communication and sprays will help to move energy very quickly. Use the Aura sprays when your child just seems to lack energy, when they just can't tell you what's wrong, when they seem to be struggling in any way & when their behaviour is extreme despite everything you do to try and help. These are all signs that it is a good time to use an Aura spray.

Choose a quiet time to sit down with your child and talk to them. Explain that you really want to try and help and above all listen to what they are telling you. Ask your child if they would like to choose an Aura spray for themselves or you can match one to the information your child has given you. Then you choose one for yourself too! It is important that the adult is part of the healing process. Use this spray until the energy around yourself & your child shifts or changes, then see if there is a different one you both need to be taking.

To purchase use the contact us button below, just fill in the form with what you would like and you will be sent an invoice via e-mail, with details of how to pay.

For help with Focus and Concentration 

Holding direction, concentration, strength, learning, achievement, advanced education, rebirth. 

This essence is fantastic in times when focus is really needed, for example during study & exams, in the workplace or when working towards any goal. No matter what life throws at you Focus essence helps smooth over turbulences, obstacles or distractions, keeping you on your pathway. This can also be good in times of re-birth & new beginnings, bringing strength & courage to stand up for what you believe in. Great for giving you the push you may need to advance & achieve your ambitions, whether this is going back to college to learn something new or taking a chance in an existing situation. Helps you to stand up & be counted, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone.

Contains Water, 25% Alcohol, Ylang Ylang / Frankincense Hydrosol

For when you have lost your way and need to find yourself again

Darkness, confusion, change of identity, re-build, new way of life. A fantastic essence for bringing light to the darkness, for re-building after a time of turmoil where all of what life represented & stood for fell apart, leaving you in a place of complete darkness and confusion. Helping bring clarity to any situation. When you feel completely stripped of physical, emotional & spiritual energy. When you feel stuck in a cycle of complete self destruction. The Illumination from this essence helps you to see the way forward and shows you the light at the end of the tunnel. To help in the transition between the old energies and the new. Great for re-building confidence, finding your inner strength and stepping into your power. For re-discovering your true self.

Contains Water, 25% Alcohol, Frankincense / Rose Hydrosol

Universal Healing
A General Healer for creating positive energy

Creative flow of positive energy, acceptance, new cycle, reunion, happiness, rebuilding, healing of the heart. This is a great healing essence for general all round use, perfect for all the changes going on in life, especially spiritually. Ideal when starting new cycles in your life, on a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level. When starting new ventures or when rebuilding after hard times. A fantastic meditation aid & for clearing negative energy from any space. Great in times of grief & loss. When you feel stuck in a pattern of behaviour or a situation. When you feel out of place, like you don't belong. Unable to settle physically or into a new situation, for example a new school or job. This contains all the colours of the rainbow and as such works well to bring back balance across the Chakra's, especially the heart.

Contains Water, 25% Alcohol, Frankincense / Rose / Peppermint Hydrosol

The Angel
Helps you to stand up & be counted

Voice your views, speak up & out, stand up for yourself, release of nervous energy, be adventurous, stand in your power. This essence is ideal for people who struggle to speak out, helping them to find their voice and as such is linked to the throat chakra & throat problems. Also associated with the solar plexus and the nervous emotion that collects there, it helps to clear this negative emotion & unblock the chakra's. Quiet, fragile, nervous souls who need to find their power. They hold feelings of uncertainty & anxiousness. They want to keep their heads down so they don't get noticed or picked on. This essence helps to bring the confidence back into their lives, helping them to find their voice and not be afraid to use it. It helps you to stand up & be counted!

Contains Water, 25% Alcohol, Ylang Ylang / Peppermint / Rose Hydrosol

For strength to help you break free

False promises, feeling lost, breaking free, upward movement, emotion, heavy headaches, dispersing depression. This essence brings the energy of breaking free from any situation that has been holding you back. It gives you the strength you need to escape. This is great for depressive states, when there is a feeling of being trapped in the cold, dark depths, with no way out. Where there is a feeling of drowning in the situation. A feeling of foolishness & hurt having fallen for false promises, betrayal & lies. This essence brings strength and determination to help you break free from the lower vibration energies, into new uplifting times.

Contains Water, 25% Alcohol, Melissa / Peppermint Hydrosol

For Letting go of the past & looking forward with open eyes

Look ahead, forwards, do not look back, embrace, future. Ideal essence for people who have a tendency to relive the past, this brings in the energy to help you look forward to the future rather than keep going over the past. This also gives you the courage to see things as they are rather than looking at them through rose tinted glasses. And thus will enable you to change situations that may actually not be doing you any good. This essence is all about reflection of ones self and how we can walk into our future without carrying the baggage of our past. It helps us to let go of the things we no longer need, leaving certain things where they belong, In the past!! Leaving us free to walk our future pathways standing strong and tall.

Contains Water, 25% Alcohol, Rose / Chamomile / Melissa Hydrosol

For calming stressful situations

Opening doorways, time of recovery & recuperation, difficult past. This essence is fantastic for bringing tranquility into any busy or stressful situation. This is an ideal essence for meditation, bringing in peaceful energies. Allowing for rest and recuperation after long periods of stress, anguish & pain. Giving you time to contemplate, turning the focus of love & positive energy towards planning your future pathway. Good to use after times of abuse whether this was physical, mental or spiritual, especially if this was over a long period. Ideal in the transition between old lives and new, past & present lives or even passing over.

Contains Water, 25% Alcohol, Ylang Ylang / Lavender / Chamomile Hydrosol

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