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‘On the second day I poured out my water, added 7 drops of "Universal Healing" had a swig, put it down and my rather fluffy long furred half Persian 'Amber' proceeded to drink it. She is one of four of a litter and is the only one that is long coated, weighs 5.5 kig (the others are about 3.5 and short coated!). The main theme of "universal Healing' is feeling as not belonging!!! Very true of her and myself. Animals are always a good barometer of their owners. She continued to drink it for a couple of day after that too.

After taking the essence I have started bumping into people that I hadn't seen in a long time, sometimes 3 in one day!! I have also connected with ex school friends from over 30 years ago and will be going to the next reunion!!! So lots of things started to happen in my life. I hope that things are better for my long haired Persian cat Amber too.’ - Hezzia

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