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Meditation & Relaxation Sessions


Meditation sessions

These sessions are available on a one to one or group basis. 

£30 for 30 mins for one to one

 £10 per person for 30 mins/ £12 for 60 mins for or a group of 4 or more.

Please call 07854014411 or use the contact us button above with any inquiries or to book.


6 Week Meditation Course

During this 6 week course we will be looking at how to relax and quieten the monkey chatter in your mind, to then be able to make the most of meditation.

Week 1 -Breathing Exercises, Relaxation & Visualisation and creating the right space.

Week 2 - Open eye meditation, creating your own journey through your own thoughts and experiences, releasing the blocks & maintaining the flow.

Week 3 - How Crystals can help with Meditation, crystal cave meditation

Week 4 - How meditation works and what it can do to help you. How your surroundings can help you, focusing on nature, and the different senses, Woodland visualisation & meditation.

Week 5 - How Sounds can help with meditation & what they do, The power of the Om, Sound Baths.

Week 6 - Putting it all together - Various meditations.

The course is £80.00 but can be paid in instalments of £40 deposit to secure your place,

then £20 on wk 2 & wk 4.

6 sessions of 90 mins

The next course  dates TBA








Group Sound Meditations


Come along for an hour of complete immersion in the sounds. We will be using Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowels, Native drums, Tubular bells, Flutes, Tuning forks and more, to take you on a journey into your own space. To quieten the monkey chatter of everyday life and allow you to go to a place of complete relaxation. £10 per person

Please look at the events page for the next session.

We also run workshops and special meditations throughout the year.


What are the benefits of meditation?

The aim of Meditation is to reduce stress and bring inner peace within ourselves in a positive and spiritual way. We take you into some absolutely wonderful meditations in our circle.

Within every soul there is some form of tension and stress. It is therefore essential to create positive and peaceful thoughts to bring peace to our mind. Meditation is one of the best methods to bring about transformation and nurture the natural qualities within.

The best way that we can create that change is to change our thoughts from being negative to positive. The positive discovery about meditation is that we are focusing within our self and becoming free of negativity. Meditation techniques simply involve a process of transforming yourself, your thoughts, and recognising the negative thoughts, and changing them into positive and peaceful thoughts.

The best attitude towards meditation is to be very patient as the mind does not always want to focus. Having a sense of expectation towards positive results can create uncomfortable pressure and thus take away the enjoyment of the experience. By practising meditation regularly, the person whom meditates gains a wonderful sense of the self.

Meditation is a self healing process, any form of stress is a sign of our negative thinking and Disease within our mind. If we don't attend to disease in the mind we may find that chronic stress can lead to disease of the body.

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