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Spiritual & Holistic Retreats

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Do You Fancy a Spiritual & Holistic 
Retreat in the stunning Normandy 
countryside. Relax & enjoy the peace &
quiet in this beautiful setting away
from everything.

We have the privilege of running our retreats in the most beautiful Normandy countryside in a place called Les Bourdonnieres, St Michel de Montjoie. 

The property is situated in quiet, secluded rural land, with  woodland borders, suitable for nature lovers, explorers & those who love the peace and quiet. Just the place to unwind away from it all.

The accommodation consists of electric hook ups and pitches for both motorhomes, caravans and tents. There is are 2 Glamping Yurts, A Large Tent and a caravan on site for those that do not wish to bring their own. Toilet and shower are available along with washing up & cooking facilities. 
There is also a newly restored granite stone gite with a fully fitted kitchen / dining room, boasting a log burning stove. A unique lounge, with some of the granite creating a feature wall. Two upstairs bedrooms, both on suite, one double bedded the other two singles.
All guests have free use of the hot tub and heated swimming pool and are welcome to roam around the site.
Guests are advised to bring a good quality torch with them as parts of the site are unlit.

Included in the retreat is all meals, which are created from local home grown produce where possible. Each retreat will have an amazing selection of workshops, meditations, sound baths, woodland campfires with drumming & much more. Treatments & Readings will also be available. 

Costs will vary depending on your chosen accommodation. 

Please message me for more details.


Spiritual & Holistic Days - West Sussex

Enjoy a day of relaxation, meditation and workshops with one of our Spiritual & Holistic Day Packages. 

Each package covers a physical, a spiritual, a mental and emotional aspect making this an all-round healing experience.

The past few years have been difficult for most of us, many of us questioning our purpose and

direction in life. Although having your nails done or having a massage could go in some ways

towards making you feel better about yourself there’s no denying that digging a bit deeper will

have overall longer and better benefits.

We believe these packages will achieve just that.

These are run for groups of 4-6 people.

Cost £100 per person


These all take place in a beautiful countryside of West Sussex.


The packages contain treatments, workshops, meditations, sound baths and much more.


Psychic Pamper Package 

Half day 

Start with a 15 min group protection meditation. Meddling with the spirit world should be taken seriously and must be handled with the greatest of care. Protecting yourself is vital.

Followed by 1 1/2 hours Mediumship group session run by Jo who is a clairvoyant and has been practising for years with great success. It must be said that although she can speak to souls who have passed she cannot guaranty its the person you wish to get in contact with. She cannot control who comes forward.

Your Individual 30 min Treatment.

Finished off with a mini card reading.  



Paranormal Package 

Half day 

Start the day with 15 minutes protection meditation. When dealing with spirit world this is extremely important. You can’t control who may come forward, but you can control who sticks around. 

We will then spend the rest of the time working with spirit board, table tipping and scrying and ending in a lovely grounding and protection meditation. This evening is mainly run by Jo and Tracey, who collectively have years of experience with the paranormal. These two ladies really know what they are doing, and a fascinating experience is guaranteed.

Your Individual 30 min Treatment.



Crystal Healing Package

Half day 

Start the day with a 15 minute crystal cave group meditation, where we will ground

ourselves and prep for the crystal healing treatment.

This is followed by learning how to do a basic crystal treatment on yourself, family & friends, along with individual crystal healing treatments, where you will get your Chakras balanced and opened, so you can be at your ultimate best. If our Chakras are down it can affect every aspect of our daily life. So, it’s vital to get them all up and running at full capacity. This day includes a crystal chakra kit.



Sound Meditation Package

Half day 

Start the day with a 30 minute sound bath. While lying down you will drift in and out

to the beautiful sounds vibrating on various different levels it's beautiful and magical in equal measures.

This is followed by an individual sound treatment. While you are lying down we will work around you bringing Energy and various vibrations to you. It’s a unique and beautiful experience which will leave to feeling lifted and happy. On a deeper level it could help you shift inner blockages paving way for a more fulfilling life.


There are other packages and combinations as well as other treatments that can be added into these as well as extending them. 

You can bring your own food & Drink or we can arrange for this to be delivered. 

You can add in the following 30 minute treatments to your day for an extra £30:

A Leg & foot vibrational massage

Taster Kinesiology


Crystal healing

Vibrational sound massage

Mind, Body & Spirit Day

Next Date & Venue TBC

11-00am – 6.00pm

Join us for a day of Spiritual Awakening, Holistic workshops, Readings & Treatments. From Crystals to Tarot, Meditation to Mediumship, Sound to Manifesting, there’s something for everyone.



11.00-11.25 - Meditation session– Awakening the Chakras

11.30-12.30 - Crystals & how to use them on yourself & others

12.35-1.25 – Energy Release & Cord Cutting Workshop & Meditation

1.30- 2.30 – Manifesting & The Law of Attraction using Vision Boards & Journals

2.35-3.35 – Looking at the Auras– Tuning into each others energies

3.40-4.40 – Pendulum Dowsing - What it can be used for 4.45-5.25 - Past Lives Meditation

5.30-6.00 – Drumming & Sound Circle followed by Closing Meditation

Workshops Day Ticket £30 including Refreshments

Individual Workshops £10 each Meditations £5 each

Various Treatments Available to book £20 for 20 mins

Acusound Head, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - Crystal Therapy - Colour Therapy -Acusound Hand & Foot Massage - Indian Head Massage - Thai Foot Massage - Spiritual Healing & Reiki - £10 for 15 mins

Private Readings £20 for 20 mins

Tarot Readings £20 for 20 mins


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